Register with a private EV Charging group

Evergy works with the Building Owners’ Corporation to facilitate access to fast Electric Vehicle (EV) charging wherever possible. If you have noticed a JetCharge EV Charger in the common area of your residential carpark, you may just be able to use it to charge your EV!

Here is what you need to charge your EV:

  • Open an account with ChargeFox
  • Order an RFID card from ChargeFox
  • Have your type 2 adaptor ready

The RFID card is the sure method to connect to the JetCharge EV charger and charge your EV.

Where internet is available (wifi or mobile), you can also charge your EV using a ChargeFox app.
Here is what you need to do to use the ChargeFox app:

  • Download the ChargeFox app
  • Login with your ChargeFox account
  • Use the form below to enrol in the private group associated with the Building you live in
    (these chargers are made visible on the app only to residents who enrol in the private group)

Things to note:

  • JetCharge is not associated with Evergy, for any queries please visit
  • ChargeFox is not associated with Evergy, for any queries please visit
  • Internet or Mobile Connectivity is not guaranteed in basement carparks.


    You can call us on working weekdays from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm to talk to our team.

    1300 383 749 (1300 EVERGY)

    or you can send an email to

    sign up before you move in to make sure you have power connected on the day and don’t get left in the dark.

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